The all in one wonder-mom!

Lately, I have read a lot of posts on different forums from moms wondering how one does it all. I am always shocked by the comments that are left for this poor, exhausted mom. Most are saying to power through and just get things done or clean before and after the children and hubs goes to bed. It drives me crazy for any woman to say she has it all together. Her house is always clean, her kids are perfect, and she always has a healthy home-cooked meal ready when her husband walks through the door. There is no one who is that perfect.

Instead of tips that will just make her feel worse and overwhelmed, that someone should be honest with her and give her some real tips. So, here I am to give some helpful tips to poor, exhausted moms who want it all together.

Tip # 1 You’re never going to have it all together

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Everyone forgets something, leaves the house with a stained shirt or has their mother over while the house looks like a muddy dog ran through it while eating crackers with peanut butter. At least, I hope that’s not just me. The sooner you realize this and accept it the easier your life will be.

Tip # 2  Get dressed

Sounds crazy but I find that I feel much more put together if I get myself and the kids dressed first thing in the morning. I don’t know why. Maybe I feel trendy, or maybe it’s because after wrestling what feels like two baboons into clothing, I feel I can take on the world. Either way – it helps.

Tip # 3  Clean in spurts

I hate cleaning. I hate it more than almost any other thing I need to get done in a day. What has worked for me is cleaning in spurts. I envy the women who do it all at once. They just take a couple hours and clean the whole house while the rest of the family is asleep. I can’t do that. I need the mere 6 hours of sleep I get each night and would rather spend my quiet time doing just about anything else. My kids tend to try and murder each other while I clean, so I do it one room at a time with many breaks. My house may never be completely clean at the same time, but everyone is alive and sane. I always pick up, do dishes, vacuum and wipe down my sinks. It gives my tiny house the illusion of cleanliness(and that’s enough for me). I do a lot of organizing and deeper cleaning when my husband is home or on the rare occasion someone has taken my kids.

Tip # 4 Is it dinner time already?

I used to ask myself this question every day. It’s always at the same time but I swear it would sneak up on me while I was playing with play-doh or my phone. I wish at that moment I could just order out and call it a day but our budget doesn’t allow for that. My biggest helper for this is my meal plan. I need my meal plan – it saves me. I look at it in the morning and know exactly what to do. Maybe it’s throw something in the crock-pot or chop up some veggies, but at least it’s planned and I have all the ingredients. It makes me look like super mom with minimal effort. I have a blog on meal planning if you are interested.


Tip # 5 Enjoy your kids

Having it all together is great but your kids won’t remember it. They won’t remember how clean the house was or how healthy the dinners were. They aren’t going to remember how trendy either of you looked or if you remembered everything. They will remember the memories and fun that you have with them. Remember how short of time they are little and enjoy them every day. The housework will still be there tomorrow and popcorn for dinner now and then won’t kill them, but growing up with an exhausted mom who is trying to do it all will impact them.

These are the only tips I can give to the tired exhausted moms who want to do it all. I hope they help. Thank you for sharing in my wonderfully hectic life!wp-1467689220816.jpeg




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