A weekend of camping!

Mississippi Palisades State Park near Savanna, IL is probably my new favorite camping destination. I have quite a few we frequent but we were on the search for a park that had it all. We have an awesome family canoe that we received as Christmas gift last year. I think we’ve only used it a handful of times because we hadn’t found the best place to canoe with kids yet. Plus, I’m a canoeing newbie. I still get confused which side to paddle to go the direction needed. They have back waters that are pretty mellow or if you are more adventurous there is the actual Mississippi River. We saw quite a bit of wild life on our 3 hour paddle. We encountered numerous colors and sizes of dragonflies, bull frogs, fish and a turtle. Plus there are islands you can explore but they are a tad overgrown.


A look at us canoeing through a small side stream!


We also drove by some of the hiking trails and they looked fantastic. Unfortunately it was just too warm to hike. We stayed in the camper part of the hottest time and played UNO for little kids. My little girls loved it.

While at camp we reserved a spot right next to a handicap site that wasn’t being used. it had a large cement pad that the girls could ride their bikes on. We didn’t have to worry about them in the road or going to far out of range. It was also the closest site to the bathroom. We take a lot of bathroom breaks.


We had a great and adventurous weekend and I would highly recommend Mississippi Palisades State Park if you want a park that has it all.

Here are a couple more random pictured from the weekend!!

Thanks for taking a peek at my wonderfullyhecticlife!


Next up: our 2 week menu plan!


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